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a brief history of music and society — sona: sleep music for anxiety – Lyric Say

Music is inside attain at almost any time or place, because of our present handheld expertise. Lengthy gone are the times of ready in line to buy your favourite report. The second an album is launched, it exists just some clicks away on one of many standard streaming apps. Plus, it by no means sells out! That is music within the digital age, and it’s not slowing down any time quickly. In 2019, streaming accounted for 80% of the USA’ recorded music market.1 However even with the brand new avenues of consumption accessible to us, the deep embeddedness of music in our lives is hardly new.

Music has existed nearly so long as fashionable people have. And as people unfold throughout the globe, so did music. Proof means that the primary musical devices appeared 40,000- 45,000 years in the past, across the identical time Homo Sapiens migrated from Africa to Europe. The oldest recognized devices are “flutes made of bird bone and mammoth ivory”.2 Whereas the unique goal of music can’t be recognized for sure, we do realize it has functioned in a variety of how throughout cultures worldwide. From serving leisure functions to the emergence of music-based digital therapeutic methods drawn from the medicinal advantages of sound, the performance of music stays a broad spectrum. 

Music as Communication

Music has served as an efficient communication technique which may convey ideas or emotions in a means that language is typically incapable of. A mom might sing a track to assuage her crying child earlier than he has the power to talk or perceive spoken language. Music has additionally been used to inform tales and unfold info to completely different communities world wide. Troubadours and trouvères, touring musicians from the Renaissance interval, journeyed throughout Europe and Asia telling tales and singing ballads.3 We nonetheless use music to speak immediately. The soundtrack in your favourite film might inform you the way you must really feel throughout a selected scene. Cue the tears throughout Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On”.

Music as Bonding

Music has additionally functioned to advertise bonding and socialization. Folks that share musical custom are inclined to type relationships and work higher as a gaggle, quite than look out solely for his or her self-interests. It was thought that “dancing or singing together before a hunt or warfare binds participants into a cohesive group.”4 And this nonetheless applies within the fashionable world. Give it some thought. Ever discovered your self screaming “We Will Rock You” in a sea of followers within the bleachers of a sports activities recreation? That’s bonding via music.

Music as Therapeutic

The medicinal advantages of sound are undisputed, and cultures throughout the globe have used music as a type of therapeutic all through historical past. A variety of Native American tribes believed that track and dance had been highly effective methods to deal with sickness. When a member of the tribe grew to become sick, the tribe’s drugs man or lady “would fast in order to receive a song in dream or vision” from The Nice Spirit “instructing them in how to carry out the treatment of their patient”.5 Right this moment, folks of various cultures, in addition to many medical professionals, consider within the medicinal advantages of sound or the facility of music to heal. Strategies comparable to guided meditation and music remedy have gained recognition in recent times as reputable therapies for a wide range of well being points.

The record of music’s many ranging capabilities goes on, however one factor’s for sure: music has at all times been part of us. It’s this integration of music into our societies, mixed with the capabilities of contemporary expertise, that makes sona attainable. Now we are able to make the most of music to heal, de-stress, and restore our minds with the expertise that’s already sitting in our pockets. Calm down, refresh and rejuvenate with a singular music-based digital therapeutic expertise at sona.

Written by Brooke Kessler

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