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Elementary Songs for Valentine’s Day – Lyric Say

Are you on the lookout for a tune to incorporate in your elementary lesson plans for February?   Listed here are a couple of of my favorites Valentine songs for elementary music!


I wrote Valentine a couple of years in the past whereas on the lookout for a play celebration sort tune for Valentine’s Day.  What number of instances have your courses come to music proper after a classroom celebration round Valentine’s Day.  Sugar is in management and also you simply want a fast and simple recreation to play with children?  That is your tune!  Play it identical to “Duck, Duck, Goose.”  If you happen to’re not a fan of these forms of video games in music, have one pupil disguise their eyes whereas sitting within the middle of circle. Then faucet a pupil to sing the ending phrase “pick me”. On the finish of the tune, the kid within the middle guess who sane the phrase “pick me!”

You Will By no means Discover Me

This tune comes from the Jump Right In series by GIA Publications.  This sequence facilities on utilizing Music Studying Idea within the elementary music classroom.  Listed here are among the methods you should utilize this tune instructionally:

  • Minor tonality – sing minor tonal patterns between repetitions of the tune to construct vocabulary
  • Duple meter – focus on how Duple meter at all times divides into 2, focus on the function of tempo in meter (doesn’t change the meter, however does change the macrobeat placement)
  • Type – AB type (focus on how the sections are completely different
  • Play Celebration – college students sit in a circle formation and play recreation just like “Duck, Duck, Goose”

Notation for Will You Be My Valentine

Copyright GIA Publications.  Used with permission.

Will You Be My Valentine

This tune is such a gem for newbie folks dance!  I train this dance over the course of a number of class durations.

  • Step 1: Train the tune,
  • Step 2: Train the steps of the dance in a big group setting
    • Heel, toe on the road – prolong proper leg out with heel to the ground, then level toes to the ground, then carry the foot again into relaxation place
    • Will You Be My Valentine – use arms & fingers in a pleading movement as you alter locations with a accomplice
    • Heel, toe on the road – prolong left leg out with heel to the ground, then level toes to the ground, then carry the foot again into relaxation place
    • Possibly “ja” or perhaps “nein” – nod sure, then nod no.  On “nein” companions flip their backs to at least one one other
  • Step 3: Do the dance with a accomplice.  It is a little cumbersome as a result of they’re going to restart their formation every time but it surely’s vital to do that step earlier than doing the total dance.
  • Step 4: Do the total dance with college students altering companions every time they do the dance.  The trick to college students doing this dance efficiently is ensuring they swap locations with their accomplice on “Will you be my valentine?”

Notation to the song Will You Be My Valentine

Love Anyone

That is such a stunning little folks tune and has so some ways you’ll be able to adapt the tune for any grade or stage of studying!

  • Resting tone – use a squishy ball to toss within the air (entire class response) or to college students (particular person response) for college kids to sing the resting (dwelling) tone
  • Main tonality – sing main tonal patterns between repetitions of the tune
  • Main tonic – have college students hearken to the tune and establish every time they hear the most important tonic sample “Do-Mi-So” inside the tune
  • Combine it up – have college students counsel one other strategy to sing a serious tonic patterns (e.g. “Mi-So-Do”) and sing it in substitute of the unique sample within the tune
  • Minor Combine Up – older college students who’ve expertise singing and figuring out minor tonality might play with shifting the tune to minor as an alternative of main
  • Partial Synthesis Play – sing phrases of the tune in main or minor tonality and have college students sing the corresponding resting tone to the phrase
  • Learn it, Write it – if college students have the readiness, you could possibly present college students the right way to learn a serious tonic sample and follow studying inversions of main tonic.  Mannequin the right way to write the sample in subsequent courses

Notation to the song Love Somebody

You’re My Sunshine

That is such a basic folks tune and looks like a “must learn” tune for each elementary pupil.  Plus it’s a terrific tune so as to add to a little bit chord root concord to with voices, Orff devices, or boomwhackers!

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