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Henrik von Euler ~ Små Vågor 6 / The Golden Age of Wrestling ~ Scorpion Deathlock, relaxing music – Lyric Say

A few of our favorite compositions are summary soundscapes, avoiding musical development in favour of detailed texture. Moving into an area of dispersed, textural element is a liberating escape. We may have an occasional reminder: massive subsets of ambient music have remained wedded to melody and rhythm. They nonetheless deliver contemplative immersion, but in addition the structured pull of jeopardy, suspense, and determination. From despair to elation, melody has a heightened energy to convey emotional expertise. Differing vastly in sound and strategy, two new albums share a full of life and melodic strategy. Each transcend pure atmosphere, borrowing from different types as they discover. The primary enriches a classic strategy to ambient music. The second makes an attempt to type a brand new sub-genre of its personal.

Readers who haven’t heard of Henrik von Euler: he’s fairly massive deal in Stockholm. Performing in various vary of teams, Euler has additionally been busy working the Flora & Fauna label for the previous fifteen years. From the late Nineteen Nineties, he has launched music beneath varied solo pseudonyms, starting from hip-hop to electro-pop to the Nordic skweee type. In 2015, he adopted the alias Små Vågor [small waves], starting a collection of ambient data which can be various in sound and wealthy intimately.  Pulse-driven, digital expanses; darkly cosmic excursions; cinematic cold-wave instrumentals: the collection takes in a variety of types that reward your exploration. With the appearance of the fifth launch, Henrik von Euler appeared because the artist title, and the music veered in direction of piano-driven, natural atmosphere. Små Vågor 6 retains each these changes. Taken as a complete, the Små Vågor albums recollect Hans-Joachim Roedelius’s “Selbstportrait” collection. Euler makes use of atmosphere as a way of circling again to resurgent issues and senses of self. Within the course of, he hits upon a method that fuses the artificial and natural in melody-driven atmosphere, similar to Rodelius’s “soft music”.

The album opens with footsteps over thickets, main us into tranquil clearings the place chilly piano keys meet heat synth. This units the tone for a file the place Euler’s keys and synths take turns making a groundwork of circling motifs. He’s joined by a wealth of expressive string, with visitor musicians on bass, double bass, cello, and guitar. Euler extracts most emotional and narrative potential from a fastidiously curated set of components. Like a chef who refuses to throw an excessive amount of on the plate, Euler attracts out a crystalline consommé of sound. Reflective piano phrases repeated over bowed strings. Whirling backdrops of gradual and quick rhythmic layers. Transient intrusions of rock instrumentation, with each muscular and somnolent guitar. Multi-timbral sketchbooks of evocative lyricism. The album is acquainted in its particular person components, however blends them in a putting vary of results.

There’s little or no percussion all through this launch. The rhythmic repetition of phrases inside layered instrumentation serves as a substitute. Adjustments in tempo or depth management the music, while the to-and-fro of the cello presents a respiratory tempo to some tracks. The seventh piece, “Lom i fjärden”, is notable for its dedication to jazz (a method that is still within the background for a lot of Eluer’s music). Synthesised woodwind repeats lyrically towards a reverberating backdrop of strings. Keys take the limelight with a clear, daring melody ­­– straight from the exhausting bop playbook. As Euler provides layers of pared-back sound, this composition ascends from the straightforward to the elegant. All the weather stand in clear distinction, testomony to the ability on this file, each in entrance of the mic and behind the blending deck.


Jeff Cancade has greater than a decade’s tenure within the Vancouver music scene, primarily releasing charismatic electropop beneath his Devours alias. Final 12 months’s Homecoming Queen is a treasure trove of retro, artificial sounds. Up to date for 2023, they’re gelled collectively by Cancade’s maudlin songs of heartbreak and triumph. Since 2019, he has been creating a side-line in ambient music beneath an irresistible moniker, The Golden Age of Wrestling. Scorpion Deathlock is the third full-length launch of this mission, following Tombstone Piledriver (2020) and Crossface Rooster Wing (2022). With all three data named after professional wrestling strikes, Cancade is aware of decide to a theme. In his aesthetics and stage persona, Cancade embraces camp and celebrates queerness. His ambient mission embodies this, as a homo-erotic homage to the carried out masculinity of theatrical wrestling. Showing in a glittering cape, the musician’s persona makes a stunning look within the scripted drama. Nameless beneath his costume, our athlete could also be a “face” (a very good man) or a “heel” (a pantomime baddie). No matter his allegiance, his entrance music is one thing Cancade calls “glambient”. His signature transfer is to throw glitz and glitter within the face of the ambient scene.

Although the mission is a love letter to professional wrestling, the music itself is extra enthralled by pop, membership, and videogame sounds. The opening two tracks are upbeat hyperpop, with shiny, insistent keyboard, processed vocal snippets, dancefloor build-ups, retrobright surfaces, a saccharine chiptune loop, and a guitar solo finale. This energetic opening is the feint of an professional combatant. Because the album settles into slower ambient territory, we’re left feeling the gradual build-up to a dancefloor euphoria that by no means arrives. It’s a place of anticipation and uncertainty the place discordant textures minimize shapes. Even the extra percussive tracks lead revellers right into a the reflective chillout room. “Strawberry” is on the verge of kicking right into a lure beat, however the booms of drum transition into melancholy repetition, wordless harmonising, an evocatively swelling cloudscape. “Born Inside a Cactus” has IDM genetics, ranging from a low bass drum and clicking restlessness. Rising into nebulous chants and strings, the observe then falls again into smooth piano earlier than the come-up arrives. That is an album of ups and downs which takes timbre and construction from membership music, however turns kinetic power into brooding vignettes.

Generally Cancade is ready to sq. the circle, with membership sounds transferring us into atmosphere, atmosphere ushering us again to the dance. The mix comes with robust prospects for narrative motion, particularly with a sprinkle of vocal energy borrowed from the Devours mission. “Hollywood Loves You” captures the LA warmth rising in mirages, while diffuse touches of key and string are twinkling stars on a filmset night. A single phrase, “make it all go away”, circles the scene, buying completely different feelings every time it passes. “Paperhouse” has a higher focus of vocals, capturing the contradictions of heartbreak: “I don’t care about you, babe” / “What did I do to hurt you so?”. Processed, chopped, and repeated, the quick phrases type an prolonged story of emotion over drawn-out notes and a melancholic keyboard loop. Darkened, bassy drones lead us into glowing clusters of chimes. Shiny, lifting atmosphere provides decision to the story, with no additional want for phrases. Such lightness of contact makes this a memorable file, enjoyable and transferring in equal measure. (Samuel Rogers)

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Thanks for studying! In his day job, Sam Rogers is a lecturer, researcher and affiliate director on the College of the West of England, Bristol. His specialist space is trendy and modern poetry. Sam likes to have greater than ten albums into consideration, ready for the right joint overview to current itself.

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