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M. Cross Dougherty’s ‘Uncertainty in Time’: A Serene Dive into Sonic Tranquility, relaxing music – Lyric Say

Within the realm of ambient music, there’s a fragile artwork to crafting soundscapes that immerse listeners in a state of contemplation and serenity. M. Cross Dougherty’s “Uncertainty in Time” masterfully embodies this artwork, inviting listeners on a tranquil journey by layers of synth tones and a blissfully washed-out pedal metal guitar.

The composition begins with layers of synth tones that set up a temper of ambient introspection. This ambient nature supplies a sonic canvas upon which the listener can paint their very own emotional panorama. A repetitive sample subtly provides construction to the piece, creating a delicate sense of rhythm and continuity. Because the composition progresses, different synth tones interject, steadily constructing in depth and complexity whereas sustaining the ambient, contemplative temper.

Hailing from North Carolina, M. Cross Dougherty is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has made a major influence on the native music scene. His journey contains being signed by Misplaced Cat Data, the place he launched two full-length albums, “Shadows in the Light” and “In Dreams.” The latter album served as a thematic exploration of Neil Gaiman’s world in “The Sandman.” Following the label’s demise, Dougherty continued his musical evolution below the moniker Lake Isle, which drew inspiration from shoegaze and dream-pop pioneers like The Chameleons and Slowdive.

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