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music as medicine — sona: sleep music for anxiety – Lyric Say

Ever questioned why listening to sounds as abnormal and mundane because the tweeting of birds, the rustling of leaves, or the sound of waves, can deliver you a way of peace and quiet? You might not totally notice simply how, however sound may help you in extra methods than one. sona faucets into this very remedial energy of music.

What’s Sona, you ask? Merely put, it’s a music streaming software that performs and curates neuroscience-based calming music for anxiousness, sleep, stress and different psychological health-related situations. Sona is greater than only a common sleep music app. Award-winning composers from all over the world have come collectively to provide unique content material for the app, utilizing a music composition method that has been proven to have ‘meditative effects’ on the mind by growing alpha & theta mind waves. 

Neal Sarin – the founding father of sona – is a music government and cross-continental report producer turned entrepreneur. Fascinated by the medicinal advantages of music, he sought out to harness the energy of sound as a therapeutic remedy for the individuals who undergo from illnesses associated to psychological well being, together with cardiovascular and psychiatric illness. 

In collaboration with the World Head of Neuroscience Analysis at Nielsen neuroscience, a examine was carried out to see if sona might successfully produce calming music for stress. Contributors had been requested to hearken to music on the sona app for 10 minutes. Quickly after, reduced levels of stress were reported, together with elevated alpha & theta mind waves. 

Neal believes that as a tradition, we are likely to overlook the facility that sound has to assist us unwind and revive our senses. The advantages of ‘restorative music’, as he names it, are but to be totally explored by the world, and sona has taken it upon itself to popularize this type of music. 

sona is obtainable worldwide on the Apple App store and Google Play store. By integrating expertise right into a digital music remedy machine, sona has broadened the horizons to make psychological well being extra accessible to the general public. We are able to now simply stream restorative, calming music for anxiousness, stress and sleep-related illnesses solely on the sona app. Download here.

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