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Wound ~ Plasticene | a more in-depth hear – Lyric Say

This cassette has me considering rather a lot about plastic, not solely as a result of the tape is about plastic, however as a result of it’s launched in a plastic shell.  Plasticene is considered one of three releases from the model new okla data, primarily based in Krakow, and leaving nothing to probability, Wound is the pseudonym for founder Bartosz Szturgiewicz.  The label is presently accepting demos, however don’t anticipate this window to final for lengthy as people will quickly uncover an incredible new house for leftfield music!

The label calls the Plasticene period “a silent witness to mankind’s worst ideas.”  Plastic dominates land fills, creates a brand new island within the Pacific, and runs by means of our our bodies, a thought unimaginable till latest years. Prefer it or not, in the present day we’re all half plastic.  The album exposes this and different “new horrors and old terrors,” emphasizing the methods by which humanity will get a lot so incorrect.  And synthesizer is the proper instrument to emphasise artificiality, standing in distinction to the sphere recordings which adorn the album, first heard within the waves of the opener.  A spoken pattern speaks of the poisonous properties of the fashionable age, though with a modicum of hope, a touch that one thing would possibly nonetheless be carried out.

Wound’s music, a mix of ambient and digital, was as soon as thought futuristic, however in the present day this futurism has soured into consumerism.  The trace of electrical organ sings of “real” issues copied, plasticized.  “Sefing on Mars” is an amusing title, as SEFING is the corporate behind the metallic and thermoplastic polyurethane circumstances for iPhones.  The phrase is near “selfie,” and one can think about a contemporary customer to Mars taking a selfie and leaving the case behind.  Not that we’re any stranger to house air pollution; the brand new capturing stars are items of discarded units orbiting our ambiance.

“Noctalgia” appears to discuss with a nostalgia for nights of outdated, throughout which one was capable of see the celebrities.  The observe sparkles like neon lights and road lamps, florescent indicators and spotlights, gentle air pollution that impacts migration, mating and sleep.  The music, just like the lights, just like the plastic, solely appears innocuous, disguising a deeper hazard.  The return of the birds in “Plasticene II” comes as a shock: now we have grown so accustomed to the unnatural that the pure appears an intrusion.

Because the album ends in a vocal loop, rewound and replayed, the idea of actuality is questioned.  Is the cassette prophesying its personal demise, crushed into fragments that wash into the seas and discover their approach again into the bloodstreams of listeners and performers?  And if that’s the case, is that this not the final, most deadly loop?  (Richard Allen)

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