Released today, Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s latest album” Formations” ( bc085 ) offers an intricate blend of atmospheric soundscapes and rhythmic complexity, available in both cassette and digital formats. The Manchester-based producer is known for his flawless and exact productions. He makes his comeback to Bricolage after a significant 2023 launch on Waxing Crescent and this is his fifth overall release with the label.

The album’s opening monitor,” Days Of Jah View,” has a pensive tone with ambient sounds layered over piano chords and rhythmic rhythms. Background strings gradually shape the piece as it develops, drawing viewers into a beautiful auditory landscape, while arpeggios and remote vocals weave through.

As the song progresses, lines like” Under The Weeping Tree” and” Pulser” display Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s expertise for creating interesting patterns and repetitive intricacies. Utilizing a sonorous synthesis layer and small repetitive shuffles to keep momentum,” Under The Weeping Tree” combines rhythm layers with black synth tones. ” Pulser”, starting with a helicopter, builds into a sophisticated structure of rhythmic synthesis patterns and arpeggios, becoming extremely complex and intriguing.

Repeated synth stabs and distant rhythms form a cold synth base in” Folp ( View From My Hill ),” with background pads and rhythmic textures adding depth while preserving attention on the initial synth stabs. However,” Solitude And The Boy At The Window” offers a sluggish and beautiful ambient vibe, blending warm, enveloping synths with digital whistling sound, creating an unearthly but pure atmosphere.

Each track on” Formations” is a testament to Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s ability to seamlessly blend man and machine. The album is rich with luminous melodies, widescreen soundscapes, and springy rhythms that strike a balance between euphoria and downtempo tranquility. Dark Fidelity Hi Fi crafts a meticulously detailed soundscape that invites listeners to explore its sonic depths, from the clockwork rhythms of” Dark Transit” to the polyphonic warmth of the final track,” Outcodes.”

” Formations” solidifies Dark Fidelity Hi Fi’s reputation for creating lush, textured music that resonates both emotionally and intellectually. His most recent release pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic music while being an organic and immersive experience.